"Empowering Independence in the Name of Christ."

    Common Grace Ministries, Inc. achieved its 501(c)3 nonprofit status on September 20, 1996 to benefit residents of Noble County who were experiencing financial crisis.  At that time, three Christian churches in Eastern Noble County recognized that the needs on the East side of the county were outpacing the abilities of single churches to assist and that people were going from one church to another sometimes receiving assistance in several places.  In order to meet the needs and more appropriately utilize limited resources, the churches joined forces and formed Common Grace establishing offices in Kendallville, Albion and Ligonier.

    Following the achievement of the 501(c)3 status, Common Grace began to sponsor the Friendship Food Pantry under the new 501(c)3.  Furnishings of Faith operated when space allowed during that time.  In 2013, it became clear that the organization needed to be restructured in order to abide by current laws and a consultant was hired to assist with that process through the generosity of a donor.  The organization officially changed its name from Common Grace / Love INC to Common Grace Ministries, Inc. and all three ministries became ministry divisions of Common Grace Ministries, Inc.  Furnishings of Faith also received a name change to A Hope Chest giving the three ministries the opportunity to offer Friendship, Hope and Grace.  The mission of Common Grace Ministries, Inc. moved beyond solely meeting immediate needs to implementing strategies and programs to mitigate future needs. The hope was that the entire community would be strengthened by empowering one family at a time. The mission statement, bylaws and articles of incorporation were all amended to accurately reflect the new direction of Common Grace Ministries, Inc. and to allow for new service opportunities in the future.



Common Grace Ministries, Inc. strives to meet immediate needs, mitigate future needs and empower independence in the name of Christ.



Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for residents of Noble County by providing resources for positive change.